"A Bone to Pick" from the album "Permission to Sin"

What happens when you and a friend work for the same organisation and he screws up, hightails it out of there, and leaves you hanging with the collateral damage? Well, you get fingered by upper management to eliminate his position….if you get my drift.

"Crazy Theory" from the album Permission to Sin

"Crazy Theory" gives a nod to the Southern blues, complete with blues harmonica, organ, and some down home, dirty blues guitar that add a spice of Stevie Ray and B.B. King in the mix. This track will immediately make you feel like you've stepped in a small underground club at 4 a.m. where the diehards line the bar and tables, and the stench of brow sweat mixed with bourbon hangs in the air.

If this is the preview of what's to come in Ten Ton Man's new EP, Permission to Sin, then I'm looking forward to another wild ride with this band! - No Depression