1. Whose Shoes

From the recording Ten Ton Man


Who’s shoes do you walk in
When you’re walking back to me
Who’s pain do you feel
When you’re felling the need
Whose eyes do you look through
When you staring at me
What you’re trying to hide
Everyone can see

Gonna Drive
My Car away
Straight through to the next day
You won’t find
Me waiting here
I’ll be far away

Who’s the one your holding
With your arms are around me
What have you been thinking
Tell me what do you mean
Who can I believe in
When I can’t believe in you
Who do I hold on to
When I’m drowning in you

I’m stuck on you
You know its true
Its true
You won’t bring me down
The world is f*cked when you’re around
I just want to go through life
With a smile on my face