1. Lifesaver

From the recording Ten Ton Man


Can you save my life
Can you save my life
One foots in the grave
And I’m starting to slide

Its just illusion
The one you know me by
It’s the only one you know
Is it true or do I lie

I miss you

Come on take a ride
Take the ride of your life
Kiss you love goodbye
And hang on to my high

I remember
Those words you spoke to me
The world was looking bleak
And you couldn’t count on me

I miss you
I wanna kiss you
I wanna take you down

I miss you
I wanna kiss you

I miss you
I wanna kiss you..all night long
I miss you.

I’m tired drunk and weak
And I can still see your face
You feel my dying heart and you turn the other cheek
Can’t get no rest
From the dark and lonely wind
The only comfort is
To be in your arms again

I wanna a kill YOU, I wanna kiss you, I sure will miss you.